The Fit Girl Factory Method

The Fit Girl Factory method is a unique, fun, effective way to workout. The method focusses on health rather than size or weight and develops strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and stamina - all the things you need to lead a fabulous life.

Gone are the days when you thought you had to run on the treadmill in the gym for hours to really see results!! That’s so old school.

It’s all about workouts that burn fat, tone muscles, boost your metabolism. Decreasing exercise time and increase intensity is the new treadmill.

This is how it works! Sessions are 45 minutes with 6 sets alternating between 30 seconds of strength training and 30 seconds of cardio! 

Sessions are fun and challenging so you can see and feel your progress. By the way, laughter is a must!!

A FGF session typically incorporates a total body workout including a warm up and cool down (and lots of chatting).

 All Fit Girl Factory sessions take place at a private studio in Canterbury, Kent, only you and the trainer - no gym membership required. How fab is that!! 

So, come and join the Factory… Get h‍‍‍ealthy‍‍‍, get happy!!

Fit Girl Factory © 2012

Fit Girl Factory ©2012

a fun effective way to workout...

come and join a group, meet new people, get fit and feel great!

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Unlike a class at a gym, our sessions are guaranteed to consist of between one and four ladies, so you get personal attention. If you’d like to book a session drop us a line by clicking the get started button below. We will then contact you to book a session!  Lets do this!


Personal Training Session (can be shared):

1 per week £40 • 2 per wee‍‍‍k £70 • 3 per week £90

Group Session:

6 week block, £60