Fit Girl Factory W‍‍‍ellbeing Events

Fit Girl Factory Wellbeing Events are all about chilling out and working out, detoxing, learning, juicing, laughing and chatting. They are about YOU!!

Set in the beautiful City of Canterbury, Fit Girl Factory Wellbeing events‍‍‍ range from afternoons to whole weeks of fitness, relaxation, workshops on skin care, tea making and yoga, massage therapy and posture clinics, healthy cooking classes, stretch therapy, make up tutorials and a guest speaker who will teach you to listen to your body, ridding you of endless dieting and instead, adopt an approach to diet and lifestyle that is balanced.

‍‍‍Let’s make ‍‍‍it about us!!

Fit Girl Factory © 2012

Fit Girl Factory ©2012

...all about you!