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Human Design is a relatively new science, influenced by astrology and the chakra system, that explains how we operate in the world. Human Design teaches that we are all designed differently, different traits, different ways of doing things, saying things, seeing things and different ways of learning. Human Design can also enable you to understand and accept others for who they. ‍‍‍Human Design can produce insights into relationships, friendships, parenthood, career, diet and exercise and teaches you how to interact with the world around you in order to be your best self. Human Design is a way to move to a new level of wellbeing that isn't based on a dress size or a thigh gap!

Your Human Design Chart is calculated using your birth date, time, and place and reveals:

Your Type - a genetic patterning of who you are.

Your Strategy - a blueprint on how to live as yourself, affirming who you really are, and learning to let go of what you are not. Your Strategy supports your natural energy instead of working against it.

Your Authority - to know if a decision is the right one for you, your guide in the world.

Your Profile - the purpose or role your were designed to live.

Your Definition - which reveals the way energy flows within you as well as how you relate to others, what you encounter in your environment, the people and situations you see around us.

Your Energy Centres - you have nine energy centres in the body. When a centre on your Human Design Chart is coloured, it is fixed and reliable in the way in which it functions and operates. The centres on your chart that are white are open. These undefined centres are the places where you are most vulnerable to outside influences.

Your Energy Gates - Gates can be seen as entry and exit points that establish the flow of communication between Centres. A Gate that is coloured in describes a consistent theme or role in your life.

Your Energy Channels - created by the joining of two activated Gates. The Channel(s) represent how energy travels between your Defined Energy Centres.

Your Incarnation Cross - expresses your life’s purpose.

Your Variable - describes how you are meant to take in, process, and filter information, and how this determines your perspective, frees your mind from conditioning and can reveal a particular dietary regimen and your ideal physical environment.

Also available are Relationship Readings that explore current and potential family relationships, friendships, romantic partnerships and work relationships. areas of compatibility. Looking at potential areas of friction, what areas of your relationship may require extra work, how to communicate and relate in more effective ways, what you and the other person each need in order to thrive and be successful in the relationship.

Also, Wellbeing and Health Reading that explores issues around food, exercise, stress, wellbeing and health.

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Are you living ‍‍‍to ‍‍‍your design?

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