Welcome to Fit Girl Factory

Fit Girl Factory offers an exclusive, boutique, fitness and wellbeing service at a small in size but big in at‍‍‍titude personal training studio in Canterbury, Kent.

The Fit Girl Mission...

to get women working out, eating right, feeling great and loving life.

Ladies, it ain't easy bein' independent...

women should be strong and beautiful, healthy and active, independent and powerful.

Definition of Belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true...

So, Fit Girls believe in eating out and working out. Long baths and perfect planks. Cocktails and cardio. Bread Pudding and burpees. We believe in happy!

So, come and join the Factory… By the way, laughter is a must!!

Fit Girl Factory © 2012

Fit Girl Factory ©2012

...who knew the next big thing would be a tiny little studio!