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About Me

I’m the Fit Girl in Fit Girl Factory, Faye Robertson, let me tell you about myself. In 2010, after finding myself unfit, unhealthy and 2 stone overweight – basically miserable – I joined a gym but found classes didn’t change the way I looked, the gym equipment was confusing and scary, the trainers were all male  and I couldn’t identify with them.

I needed something that was different, something that was fresh, original and designed for me.

In 2012 I started combining cardio and strength training. I started to see and feel a difference straight away. For the first time I engaged with my exercise, I felt strong, powerful and I was having fun. This new way of training made sense to me and my body loved it, I was developing muscle tone and lost 23lbs in weight.

I found the energy to do the things that I enjoyed. I started walking and cycling everywhere.  I learnt to skip and swim. I started to eat healthy, nutritious foods. I finally felt like me, only stronger!  I turned this way of working out into my own method and decided all women should know about it.

Fit Girl Factory was born!

So, come and join the Factory… M‍‍‍ake it Happen!!

Fit Girl Factory © 2012

Ft Girl Factory ©2012



‍‍‍The Fit Girl‍‍‍‍‍‍ Mission… To get women working out, eating right, feeling great and loving life.

The Fit Girl Factory method is a unique, fun, effective way to workout. The method focusses on health rather than size or weight and develops strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and stamina - all the things you need to lead a fabulous life.

We don't believe in faddy or fussy foods, we don't want to make life more complicated than it is. We promise not to lecture you or suggest you go on a diet! We don't want you to worry about what you eat and start to enjoy and appreciate it.

Well, it’s not just fitness, you know! Fit Girl believes in women as a community, supporting each other, cheering each other on...... oh and having lots of cocktails!!!

So, come and join the Factory… let’s make it about us!!


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